Wednesday, 30 June 2010


It's best to have more than one pair of trainers. In fact the optimum number of pairs is probably about five or six. But it's not as TrainerTrainspotter as it sounds. If you break down your, ahem, trainer estate into these handy categories, it all makes sense.

This category is for the real cool stuff. It might be a prized antique pair of Nike Air "Strike" II hi-tops. It might be a brand new pair of retrostyled Adidas Chile 62s (above). This is probably the category you've spent the most money on...

Next it's the WACKY TRAINIES
These are the sports shoes that you bought because you loved the offbeam design, the mad colours, or the fact that they're designed for a sport you've no chance of ever taking part in. We're talking Formula One racing boots, or trainers with an inflatable insole or just some mad graffiti logo. The wacky trainies are pictured below: the appalingly named but brilliantly designed Soap Shoes' Scab.Then of course we have the SENSIBLE TRAINIES. No need for a pic. These are the ones you wear day to day. The shoes you put on when you get home from the office, the shoes you walk the dog in. Category four is reserved for your CANVAS TRAINIES - you know the ones, your Converse or equivalent. Depending on your indie factor, number of extant pairs could be high.

& the fifth and final category, this one's for your running shoes, squash shoes, your actual bought-for-purpose training shoes. The Hi-Tec squash is the classic of this category. A shoe so squash-dedicated that few folk, if any, ever wore a pair down the pub!

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