Tuesday, 27 July 2010

Fitting room - virtual space

Now that buying clothes is much more common online, how has your balance of purchases changed from buying at bricks'n' mortar stores v online stores?

The one difference is of course that with online you can't try it on before you buy. You can of course try it on and return it for another size if it doesn't fit, but it's still a significant difference. Many moons ago and in a different internet era, there was of course boo.com and their pseudo 3d online display thingy. Not the future.

I've been lucky buying online so far - only once did I buy shoes not knowing they were a different width fitting from my usual, but they were fine. And despite my reservations when i found out about the width fitting, they don't look like boats.

All in all I'd say internet shoe retailing has been a massive success, and even if you don't end up clicking and buying at your laptop, internet window shopping means that you've got an entire world's shoe offerings to browse for inspiration.

Online clothes stores also do shoes as well as specialist retailers, and many a bargain can be found. And with Amazon now selling food, could the day arrive when we never leave the house?

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