Thursday, 31 March 2011

Middleton Shoe Frenzy

Forgive us for a second while we here at Shoes Rule go into a Kate frenzy.

The Royal Wedding's not far off but for us it's more about Kate. And her sister Pippa too of course.

Pretty much anyone with an interest in UK fashion and footwear will be checking out the royal wedding (which I've just decided to refer to as RW 11).

So, with so much of a concentration of attention from a fashion hungry nation pouring through every media station, what's Kate gonna do on the big day? One word: impress.

Expect Kate's outfits for the foreseeable future to make a real mark on UK fashion and inspire people's entire looks. From the shoes to the fascinator, the UK has a new style icon.

But as I say, here at Shoes Rule we'll also be keeping an eye out for Pippa - who is also very cool.


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