Tuesday, 10 November 2009

Reebok Pump Turns 20

If you were at High School in 1989, there was probably one kid in your class that was 'spoilt' i.e. they got all the cool stuff that your parents couldn't afford. In 1989, that kid was probably lucky enough to get his feet tucked into a revolutionary pair of trainers - the Reebok Pump.

The Pump (so-called as you pumped air into the upper using a cool basketball on the tongue) turns 20 this year and Reebok are not going to let it pass quietly. They have a website dedicated to the phenomenon and are releasing a range of limited edition pumps (in collaboration with some leading designers) to mark the occasion.

We were never massive fans of the basketball pump, much preffered the Court Victory tennis shoes, as advertised here by Michael Chang (apologies for the poor quality).

Anyway, happy birthday Pump!

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