Thursday, 14 October 2010

Peacocks suits the mood - Drapers article heaps praise

The clothing industry's trade periodical carries an article praising clothes retailer Peacocks this week, featuring in its highly informative "Case Study" series.

Concentrating on Peacocks' enviable position as a leader in on-trenmd fashion retailing, Drapers looks at the company’s strength in reacting quickly to all the latest trend developments and how they can have a lot (up to fifty) new womenswear lines in store each week, such as the Sedgewick boot (pictured).

Using a Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) system means that Peacocks can retain more control over their supply-chain and production management, according to the Drapers article. This means that “a huge amount of duplicated effort has been eliminated”.

Peacocks’ lifecycle management systems ensure that their reaction to the often fast changing plethora of trends is fast. By spotting trends and gearing their product offering to suit what’s on trend, their fast fashion approach is massively successful.

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