Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Star Wars Shoes

Just noticed that the mighty German sports clothing company Adidas (who else?) have made a brilliant range of Star wars-themed gear.

Sadly most of these garments and pairs of cosmic footwear will sadly end up in collectors' archive boxes, mint condition and untouched. Boo to that. If you have Jabba The Hut "Attitude" basketball shoes, wear 'em, I say!

Also available - Stormtrooper "Conductor" hi-tops, a Death Star baseball jacket - and loads more. Go take a peek atthe Adidas online store - but make sure you've a) got plenty time to gawp and drool, and b) you've encased your credit card in plutonium at a seabed location on another continent. Because otherwise you may well be in danger of doing yourself an early Xmas. Be warned!

And may the Force be with you ;-)

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