Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Winter boots for your feet!

We've been having a look round the blogs and the websites to see what's available in terms of winter boots. We'd heard that another 'white winter' has been predicted for the UK, so this ain't gonna be no year for canvas baseball boots :( It's time to look for what's going to keep the toes warm for this winter...

The Dr. Martens range is looking pretty darn good this year. With some mad colorways and some really cool classic designs (like a classic 60s biker boot - available in women's and men's sizes) - these are good if you want to spend in the mid-to-high bracket.

These ladies boots from Peacocks are low in price but high on style:

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  1. I never really liked Dr Martins...too clunky for my taste. I thought their sandals that were popular a few years ago were hideous.
    But some of these colorful ones I like. They fall into the clothes as fun category.